🪙$FANS Token Utility

$Fans token utility

Fansland caters to a diverse ecosystem of users:

  • Creators leverage the platform's tools to develop, publish, and monetize their AI applications.

  • Consumers access and engage with the AI applications built by Creators on Fansland.

  • Patrons identify and support promising AI applications and their creators.

These three distinct user segments interact with the $FANS token from their respective perspectives, collectively referred to as "users" in this sector.

  1. Membership Fees - Users can pay subscription fees in $FANS to access premium, higher-quality AI tools or receive direct support.

  2. Advertising – Users can spend $FANS to advertise AI Apps they create or support, increasing visibility on the Fansland platform.

  3. Collection – Users can collect AI Apps created by others on the Fansland platform by paying in $FANS, and share in the profits generated during the collection period through $FANS or other reward mechanisms.

  4. Products/Services Compensation - Users can charge a fee in $FANS when providing valuable services through AI Apps they create, requiring consumers to pay $FANS to get access. Alternatively, Fansland team may purchase data from users by paying $FANS.

  5. Governance Voting - $FANS holders can participate in governance voting for 1) future value-sharing models and 2) major strategic initiatives within the Fansland ecosystem.

  6. Platform Fees - For the aforementioned activities, Fansland platform may charge a service fee in $FANS.

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