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$Fans tokenomics details

NOTE: The $FNAS token has not been issued yet. Please be cautious of scams and phishing.

Introduction to $FANS

$FANS is the native token for the Fansland platform. FANS can be used for payment, staking, profit sharing or to obtain discounts on fees for trading virtual idol tokens in the Fansland ecosystem. FANS holders can also participate in the launchpad and launchpad for virtual idol token listings.

The total supply of $FANS is capped at 1,000,000,000, with a strategic plan for gradual release over time. A burning mechanism has been implemented to ensure the stability and long-term value of the token. This mechanism ensures that the total token supply remains capped at 1 billion, promoting a healthy degree of deflation over time.

By incorporating a burning mechanism, Fansland ensures that excess tokens are systematically removed from circulation, thereby reducing overall supply and potentially increasing the value of each remaining token. This deflationary model not only maintains the scarcity of $FANS tokens but also incentivizes holders to retain their tokens, anticipating potential appreciation in value over time.

DistributionAllocation %TGE Unlock %Vesting

Private Sale



1 year cliff and linear release over following 3 years

Early Contributor



1 year cliff and linear release over following 4 years




Linear release over 5 years

Community Incentive



Linear release over 4 years








  • Ecosystem/Treasury: Tokens are allocated to the treasury for purposes such as onboarding strategic partners, developing the on-chain ecosystem, and facilitating special governance proposals.

  • Community Incentive: Holders of $FANS Tokens can use them for various transactions, including payments and staking, to share in profits or to receive discounts on fees when trading virtual idol tokens. In addition, $FANS Token holders will have the opportunity to participate in launchpad activities, playing a role in the listing of new virtual idol tokens. Before the token launch, in addition to exchanging through points, there will also be some subscription qualifications.

Circulation Diagram of $FANS

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